Valeri Korneev

Valeri Korneev is a Member of the Russian Artists Association. He combines European and Russian oil paintings into his own style. His works are rooted in the tradition of classicalism and are rich in romanticism. This is fully reflected in his portraits, landscapes, theme, historical paintings, and still life. In his works, the painter is not only committed to the natural beauty of the characters, but also combines portraits and large-scale landscape creation to form a unique narrative.

2001-2007 – Master of Art in Oil Painting, National Institute of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia


2007-2013 – Professor of Oil Painting at the National Academy of Art, Krasnodar State, Russia
2013-present – AVERY Portrait Gallery Artist


2007 Russian Krasnodar Young Artists Exhibition

2007 Russian Cuban Artists Association Art Exhibition

2008 Russia St. Petersburg National Republika Art Academy Salon Exhibition

2009 Beijing Maya Kipu Artists Association Art Exhibition

2010 St. Petersburg, Russia, the National Plum Academy of Fine Arts salon exhibition

2011 Russia St. Petersburg Outstanding Young Artists Exhibition

2013 Russian St. Petersburg Chinese Consulate General Museum of Modern Art Sino-Russian Cultural Foundation Chinese and Russian young artists 5 exhibition

2014 Russia Rostov Artists Association "Great Victory - 70 Years of World War II" Memorial Exhibition

2015 Russia Vladimir Caucasian "Russian Federation of Southern Artists Exhibition"

2015 Russia Rostov Artists Association exhibition

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