Evgenii Kurkov

September 28, 1956 was born in the Russian city of Saransk


1968-1972 - St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts Russian

1976-1982 - St. Petersburg House of Representatives Oil Painting Department Melnikov Studios

1983-present - Professor of Lenin Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia

2014-present - AVERY Portrait Gallery Artist

Main achievements and exhibitions

1977 Pu Xi Jinshan artist exhibition

1982 Leningrad Art Institute graduation tour exhibition

1983 Chebok Sauer Sketch Art Exhibition

1984 Leningrad Navy Command Headquarters Large Mural "History of the Process"

1990 Leningrad Artists Association Russia Fall National Art Exhibition

1996 St. Petersburg Artists Association Art Competition

1997 St. Petersburg Music Theater

1997 Moscow Mili Lin large fresco "food story"

1999 St. Petersburg Artists Association Pushkin Art Foundation

1999 Moscow Autumn International Art Exhibition

2000 St. Petersburg Peter the Great Mural repair works

2002 St. Petersburg Kazan Church Abbot Stalin Image Restoration

2002 St. Petersburg Gypsy Baron House fresco "flower of God's triumph"

2002 - present annual exhibition of teachers' exhibitions in St. Petersburg

2007 St. Petersburg Stone Island Governor Hotel Mural "God's Parade"

2011 the Italian Ravina Art Institute of the European sketch master invitation exhibition 2013 - 2014 St. Petersburg Simon Anna Cathedral Icons "Christmas" "Young Christ" "Our Lady of Christmas"

2013 St. Petersburg Artists Association All Russian Art Exhibition

2010 Estonia Tallinn Business Center European Art Exhibition