Alexander Sviyazov

Alexander Sviyazov was born in 1987, in Tavolzhanke, the Ulyanovsk Region. 2000 - 2004 - studied at the Art School. A.Plastova2004 - 2009 - graduated from the Penzenskoye Art College named after. Savitsky

2009 - 2015 - Moscow Art Institute named after VI Surikov (under the guidance of the famous sculptor A.Rukavishnikov)

Alexander received a silver medal of the Russian Academy of Arts in 2012 for the monument to Arkardia Plastov. He is the native of the famous Russian artist - the village of Prislonikha, Ulyanovsk region.


Since 2015 - is a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (TSHR)

Since 2015 - is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists (MAA)

I see myself as a sculptor working in the genre of realism, inspired by the expression of form.


Also Alexander was awarded a silver medal of the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after VI Surikov for his success in studies.


EXHIBITIONS: - Summer creative school dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of Arkady Plastov, 2003

- All-Russian Festival "Ways of Hope", 2003

- Exhibition "The Rainbow of Young Talents", 2005

- III All-Russian exhibition of children's art creativity "Young talents", 2005

-The All-Russian Plein Air, Karsun Ulyanovsk Region July 2006

-Moscow International Competition-Festival "The Sun shines for all", 2007

- Social project "Following the Traces of the Disappeared Relics", 2007

- Exhibition "Land of Plastov", 2010

- Exhibition "Realism as Creative Faith", State Exhibition Hall "Zamoskvorechye" 2011

- Moscow International Art Salon "Process", Central House of Artists 2013

- All-Russia exhibition "Russia-12", Central House of Artists of 2014

- Symposium "Wooden Zoo", Leninskie Gorki 2014

- V International Assembly of Artists "Plastovskaya Autumn", Ulyanovsk 2015

- Exhibition "My land", Karsun, Ulyanovsk region 2015

- Exhibition "Nestling of the Nest of Plastov", Lenin Memorial 2015

- Exhibition "Volga Gallery", Togliatti 2015

- Exhibition "Moscow Seasons", CHA 2016

- "EthnoArtFest" London 2016

- Exhibition for the anniversary of the Moscow Union of Artists, Central House of Artists of 2016

- Exhibition of the Association of Artists, Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists on the Kuznetsky Most Bridge 2016

- Art Academic Exhibition of Sculpture and Painting of Young Artist Members, CHA 2017

- Exhibition of leading sculptors "Five dimensions", CHA 2017

- Personal exhibition "Simbirsk freaks", CHA 2017

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