Our Beijing location hosts both an art studio and a gallery. The gallery is a 6000sqm cultural landmark. It is located next to the Forbidden City of Beijing and features a multifunction ballroom, a teahouse, a bar, a Tai Hu Water Garden and a comprehensive art exhibition hall. Our Beijing gallery features custom portraits, including a large and bold portrait of Chairman Mao, smoking a cigarette and sitting nonchalantly, which one sees as they enter the gallery. The gallery also features other types of art, including sculptures and still life.


We also have a gallery in Washington D.C., Maryland. Hosting over a thousand works of art by a variety of different artists, the gallery aims to promote classical realism. The gallery provides customized portraits for the global elite.

Located in the political heart of America, our portrait gallery is a proud and important monument. 


The Avery Portrait Gallery also has studios in both Hong Kong and St Petersburg.